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Lineage II High Five - TODAY

Thorus x10 is High Five PTS server, that has multi functional community board, scheme buffer, free class changes - on top of that we provide you original gameplay without any customs. We do not pay to anyone to play here, neither we do not have any donation stores - other than Premium Status. This Lineage 2 world is built to last without any wipes or "Seasons". Grand Opening shall take place on 16th of April - 18:00 +1 GMT.

1. High Five Client 2. Game Account 3. Download Patch
  • Server Launch is 18:00 (Copenhagen)
  • Server Launch is 19:00 (Moscow)
  • Server Launch is 19:00 (Kiev)
  • Registrations are opened for Game accounts
  • Download our latest patches (They got updated today 11:47)
  • There is a chance that you might feel some disturbance on website
  • We Closed Global Forum Chat for Security Reasons (Will be up after server launch)

Lineage 2 Thorus Description

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lineage 2 Thorus.jpg


Grand Opening - 18:00 +2 UTC (16.04.2018)






  • Experience - x6 (Premium Account x10)
  • Skill points - x6 (Premium Account x10)
  • Adena - x6 (Premium Account x10)
  • Drop - x6 (Premium Account x10)
  • Spoil x6 (Premium Account x10)
  • Seal Stones x6 (Premium Account x10)
  • Raid Boss exp x6 (Premium Account x10)
  • Raid Boss Sp x6 (Premium Account x10)
  • Raid Boss Drop x6 (Premium Account x10)
  • Raid Boss Adena x6 (Premium Account x10)
  • Quest Exp x6
  • Quest Adena x6
  • Epic Raids are guaranteed to drop 1 Epic
  • Party Exp x2.5
  • Some quest drop rate has been increased by x5

We don't have any Donation items, only service that is purchasable is Premium Account



  • Reworked Adventurer Guide (Buff sets from 6 to 75).
  • Instances wont dispell user buffs.
  • Adventurer Guide Will also buff pets (not only summons).
  • Community Board has Ability to Learn Skills anywhere
  • Community Board has All Starting teleport locations to various Quests Lineage 2 World
  • There is never seen exchange system in Community board (Crafting 100% receipes, Shots, SA, Weapon/armor upgrade, quest item trades)
  • Community Board Gatekeeper
  • Almost all quests are passed by iPlay Staff members and been boosted quest rate for x5
  • Free Class change
  • Subjob quest can be completed in Giran for some Adena (For Kamael it will complete Seed of Chaos quest, for other classes Mimirs Elixir).
  • Community Board has Consumables store, which will sell same items which is sold in general grocery store.

PS: "Exchange" you must have correct combination of items in your inventory, then exchanger will show you what you can do exactly, for example you can have low grade D armor/weapon, it will show you into what you can upgrade it. It does keep your enchants, Example you can unseal enchanted item into something else whilst keeping enchant.



  • Ant Queen – Respawn 1.5 days (Random 1 hour)
  • Core – Respawn 2.5 days (Random 1 hour)
  • Orfen – Respawn 2 days (Random 1 hour)
  • Antharas - 8 days
  • Valakas - 11 days (Random 1 hour)
  • Baium - 7 days (Random 1 hour)
  • Seed of Destruction - Minimum requirement 12 players
  • Zaken Night - Minimum requirement 27 players
  • Zaken Raid day - Minimum requirement 9 players
  • Zaken Raid day 83 - Minimum requirement 9 players
  • Frintezza - Minimum requirement 18 players
  • Freya - Minimum requirement 9 players
  • Ranku - Minimum requirement 2 Players
  • Freya Hard - Minimum requirement 9 players



  • No Window Limitation
  • Sieges Will start 2 weeks after launch
  • Olympiad period shall begin 2 weeks after launch (Monthly cycle)
  • Hellbound will be opened from beginning



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