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Lineage II High Five - TODAY

Thorus x10 is High Five PTS server, that has multi functional community board, scheme buffer, free class changes - on top of that we provide you original gameplay without any customs. We do not pay to anyone to play here, neither we do not have any donation stores - other than Premium Status. This Lineage 2 world is built to last without any wipes or "Seasons". Grand Opening shall take place on 16th of April - 18:00 +1 GMT.

1. High Five Client 2. Game Account 3. Download Patch
  • Server Launch is 18:00 (Copenhagen)
  • Server Launch is 19:00 (Moscow)
  • Server Launch is 19:00 (Kiev)
  • Registrations are opened for Game accounts
  • Download our latest patches (They got updated today 11:47)
  • There is a chance that you might feel some disturbance on website
  • We Closed Global Forum Chat for Security Reasons (Will be up after server launch)

    Win 5x times your stake if you guess the number between 1 and 10

    Play the famous rock paper scissors lizard spock game

    Steal between 1 and 100 reputaion points from your chosen member

    Add a random amount between 10 and 100 to your profiles reputation

    Add a random amount between 10 and 100 to your post count

    Coming Soon

    Coming Soon

    This will allow you to add a signature

    Coming Soon

    30 Days premium Status

Members Shop By IPSDev
  • How to Get Points?

    - Writing Forum Posts

    - Creating new Topics

    - Being first to reply

    - Play Forum Games

    - Raid Kills (Coming Soon)

    - Ingame Online (Coming Soon)

    - Olympiad Wins (Coming Soon)

    - Fortress Takeovers (Coming Soon)

    - Siege Wins (Coming Soon)

    - PvP Count (Coming Soon)