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  1. Drop & Spoil Database update

    i meant trade section for players, where we can make topics like "wts arcana mace" etc
  2. LF CP

    any class, any prime(+1 GMT) PM me for info
  3. Drop & Spoil Database update

    what about trade category? sure it possible to make
  4. Do I get anything for streaming?

    very interesting to know what you decided
  5. Drop & Spoil Database update

    what about market place on forum?
  6. Party Loot

    thank you!
  7. Party Loot

    It sounds very good
  8. Party Loot

    where are you hurrying?
  9. No Mana potions?

    i already checked very convenient in PVE
  10. No Mana potions?

    I don't like mana pots
  11. Arbalester