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  1. Instances

    Inside instances we losing buffs from buffer npc?
  2. gmt+1

    Best is clock who show time how much hours left
  3. Music

  4. Auto Using Elixirs and CP Potions!

    Nice.That mana system is much better then potions who break every pvp
  5. FIlm

    I ask one my friend also for something to watch. He said same and i watched it already. need something new haha
  6. FIlm

    Any ideas what film is worth to watch? something from sci-fi?
  7. Lucky Pig

    There will be Lucky Pigs? Source: http://legacy.lineage2.com/news/highfive_04.html
  8. bots

    There is protection but admins ban people who use bots for like 6h in jail and let them bot again
  9. My Suggestions and Findings

    What hard? most of them could be droped from mobs or boss.
  10. Hellbound

    You need to make quest
  11. Mana Potions

    So you withdraw from idea of skill like relax for mana?
  12. Turn Undead

    I tested that skill on Monster from image. 1st I go 81lvl with a sword of miracle+acu - spend full mana and never lethal. 2nd I go 84 lvl with vesper buster+acu - spend full mana and never lethal. 3rd I go 85lvl with archanel sword+acu - spend full mana and never lethal. Test was on full buffs.
  13. Sneak Peek of Summoning NPC

    Giran full of Elpy we are lost