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  • Server Launch is 19:00 (Moscow)
  • Server Launch is 19:00 (Kiev)
  • Registrations are opened for Game accounts
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Your Master

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  1. hi

    gl dude
  2. Official language

    it means 'do not you understand Russian?"
  3. Adding Master Yogi with SA rewards!

    I guess he meant Pathfinder's Reward
  4. Official language

    why? ruski iazyk ne panimaet?
  5. Drop & Spoil Database update

    Very smart to make your own base
  6. bots

    Yes Honestly I don't care about this "bot" subject, but you srprised me
  7. bots

    as I see in your posts, you hate 3rd party software users. explain me then why you checked such software if you don''t like it?
  8. Any rewards at the beginning of launch?

    And you still on your legs! It's impressive I know people who gave up when shit happened...
  9. Any rewards at the beginning of launch?

    I hope so
  10. BD need cp

    Still need CP!
  11. Any rewards at the beginning of launch?

    I hope you had learned a last lesson I'll be here. What price for PA?
  12. No Mana potions?

    Well done, hope it will work without any problems