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  • Server Launch is 19:00 (Moscow)
  • Server Launch is 19:00 (Kiev)
  • Registrations are opened for Game accounts
  • Download our latest patches (They got updated today 11:47)
  • There is a chance that you might feel some disturbance on website
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  1. Updater

    I'm in discord already, yes. I'm just cheking with you here to make sure it all works properly, to tell my friends to play in a couple of hours.
  2. Updater

    Well, here I am again. I would like to know, if the updater is running correctly, since yesterday it wasn't working properly. And, the manual patch is the final? Thanks, and sorry to bother you guys.
  3. Updater

    — Missclick
  4. Patch - 28.02.2018

    Well, the direct patch did the trick. The updater seems to have some troubles, I'm just letting you know. At least now, the client open. I asume the login screen will show up in the date of the grand aperture, because now, if I put the data, nothing hapend. Case closed. (?)
  5. Patch - 28.02.2018

    Right. I get the point and yes, it's placed where it should be, is not that. So, because of your reply, I must conclude, it's not normal the crash? Well, here it is the print when it crash from the l2.exe, because the launcher/updater is not working for me. And, the structure of the l2 folder.
  6. Patch - 28.02.2018

    Hi there, sorry to interrupt but, I download the updater (eng), do the full check process but, the game client never shows up. Besides, if I try to run the l2.exe, game crashes. It's something "usual" and "expected" since the server isn't open yet? My instalation, besides, it's a clean one. Thanks.
  7. Spanish - Hispanic players

    That sounds just great. I have a few more friends just waiting for my mark to migrate here as well.
  8. Music

  9. Spanish - Hispanic players

    Hi there. I'm a little bit anxious for play this new proyect, because it sound just great to me, and to a couple of friends as well. So, I'm wondering, perhaps we can start to gather people who can speak in spanish, from all arround the world of course, just from the very beggining. So, there is people interested in this idea? Maybe we can make a great hispanic clan since the star. Thanks for your time!