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  1. We are being Hammered :)

    What a night
  2. We are being Hammered :)

    Server is fine, thank god
  3. We are being Hammered :)

    Just so you are aware, please use time to create game account and download patch - Server login will continue normally, our web is being hammered.
  4. Квест рейт

    Did you know that there is no Enchant limitation? Neither there is no enchant limitation in Olympiad
  5. Квест рейт

    This is possible to Win from Master Yogi, but if users player toghedor in team work they can get all those items
  6. Квест рейт

    This is main reason why i dont want to have any buffers higher than level 75 + you can buy Fruit Cocktail from Consumable store which is in ALT B
  7. Квест рейт

    Once user hase received Wolf Badge in medal event
  8. Квест рейт

    Did you know that there is special agahtion from Yogi enchantment possibility to get which gives buff for whole pt ?
  9. Квест рейт

    Did you know that we are running 3 events at the same time, Medals, Yogi and Dugi
  10. Квест рейт

    Did you know that there is official PCcafe lottery for Premium users? Free ticket per day win up to 100 000 Pc Cafe points
  11. Квест рейт

    MOment you have neolithic + same grade weapon in your inventory, you can upgrade your weapon
  12. Квест рейт

    Did you know we have Master yogi event which is changed ?
  13. Квест рейт

    Did you know about Clan trader? all users can now trade 1000 pC cafe points for 50 clan reputation points - PC cafe is generated based on online time
  14. Квест рейт

    ALl players in Thorus World are PC cafe users, all players can enter instance 1000 pc cafe cost