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  1. Login down

    Any info?
  2. Login down

    As the title says...
  3. Auction

    Still Elegia gloves today.......
  4. Auction

    Hi!I was wondering about auction.I think you should do something,cause seems kinda stupid to get elegia on 2-3 day on the server.Somebody just bought elegia lether leggings for 2 milions.And the next auction will be Skull Dual Daggers.....
  5. Exchanger

    Hi!I wanna ask about exchanger in alt+b.Does it have grade restriction?I mean can i exchange for example one kind of vesper weapo/armor to other kind?
  6. Spoil

    Well even in the Database the spoil on animal bone from Lilim Priest is 1-15.And im telling you that ive tried it before 3 days and it gave me arround 60.Something is changed now,so pls check it.
  7. Spoil

    Hi again!I've just noticed that the spoil had been lowered.I meani tried spoiling maybe 2-3 days ago and now,and for example Lilim Priests had to give arround 60 animal bones each and now gives max 15.I'm pretty sure that this is not spoil x6.So im wondering will you change it or it will stay as it is now?
  8. Party Loot

    Well it not that big problem.If you can get it fixed will be great,but wont be such a problem.TY.Oh and im not sure where i should post questions,so i will here.The buffs from character last for 59 minutes,same as from Newbie Guide(dance/song/buff)?
  9. Party Loot

    Hi!I've just tried to change party loot while im in party,but it seems it doesnt work.The window that asks the party members to aprove the loot change doesnt apper.So to change party loot i have to break the party change the loot and reinvite all ppl.Can you check it pls.TY
  10. Unseal A grade

    Tried to unseal a grade armor/jewels in town blacksmith and it doesnt work.Tried almost every town.Can you check this pls
  11. OBT servers unstable for some time

    So OBT is down for now,till tomorrow?