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  • Server Launch is 18:00 (Copenhagen)
  • Server Launch is 19:00 (Moscow)
  • Server Launch is 19:00 (Kiev)
  • Registrations are opened for Game accounts
  • Download our latest patches (They got updated today 11:47)
  • There is a chance that you might feel some disturbance on website
  • We Closed Global Forum Chat for Security Reasons (Will be up after server launch)


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  1. Hello. I know yesterday was problem with DDOS and other stuff. People couldnt register. What is current online on the server? Its really important for all players. Push Adds and start voting or something to Introduce your server to all People. L2 TOP other things. Advertisement is strong advantage. At this moment i dont know what to do. I was waiting for server so long. Dunno what to do know....
  2. Official language

    Yes its true. I have nothing to RUS players. But shops & and Trade Chat supossed to be in English only. International server yes? Or solution like NPC to view all Sellers/Buyers shops. Cyrlic spam on chat is not good for International Players.... Its really Important thing
  3. Announcements

    Thank you! Thats great! I belive in you and your team! You will make it! 1 week its lots of time If you compressed it ;p I see you doing best job! 95% of servers dying after 2 months... I have really big hope for yours one! It will happend, i can see it! Thank you so much ! See you in Game !
  4. Witam wszystkich! Chcialbym zeby pod tym postem podpisali sie wszyscy Polacy którzy maja zamiar grac na serwerze Thorus ! Niech przychodzacy rodacy widza ze bedzie z kim tu grac! Serwer zapowiada sie miodnie ! Rogal/Lagor
  5. [PL] Party/Clan

    Witam. Nie moge dolaczyc. Jaka nazwa kanalu?
  6. Announcements

    Hello! First i want to really thank you for this server! I am veteran player with L2 - since 2004. The rate are great! Thing with Toggle Mp skill is the best ever solution! No mp potions = no balance at all, for half classes! But without, this game is really annoying. Thats why Toggle Mp Reg -Off Combat is GREAT ! Premium account could be little more cheaper. In Official site cost its like 8euro. So why here 15$? Make it 10$. More players will buy it! Just one thing i am worry about. "Announcements" Its really dificult i think for people to find your server. I put in main forum from my country TOPIC with Announcement of your server. But i think you should put your announcement everywhere! In all TOP L2 sites! Every each forum! People need to know whats coming !!! Kind Regards Lagor/Rogal