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  • OBT is Live - Get new updated patch 20-02-2018
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  1. Necromancer

  2. Music

  3. Music

    good idea!
  4. Quest

    good to know
  5. How to Choose a Clan?

    xoxoxo someone would be very lucky if he took random member to cp and get success
  6. Quest

    let me know when you'll complete the test it's really important
  7. Hello, I'm Korra ^_^

    I'm sure it was you on facebook person who gave me link
  8. Music

    let's share your favorite music! or music you are listening very often
  9. Hello, I'm Korra ^_^

    oh, was it you?
  10. Quest

    are you sure that those rates are good for x30?
  11. Hmmm....

    hahahahaah so funny