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  • OBT is Live - Get new updated patch 20-02-2018
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  1. Photo of your Work area

    so not only you works like this:)
  2. NPC Buffer

    fully agree with you
  3. Hello, I'm Korra ^_^

    Even youtube won't put censorship on her photo
  4. Server

    I will check today then
  5. Server

  6. Server

    I have this, just don't want test it alone
  7. Server

    Has anyone tested it yet?
  8. Theodas and Luxidor - Gatekeepers

    Not much for x30
  9. Server

    I see. will wait for 03/01/2018
  10. Server

    wouldn't it be good to hear opinions of users? admins showed us only a little part from server indformations. did you guys play on such configuration earlier?
  11. Photo of your Work area

    why dont you show your place?
  12. Taking a nap!

    is this how you working hard on the server?