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  • Grand Opening will be 1st of March
  • OBT is Live - Get new updated patch 20-02-2018
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  • Open Beta Test is only to check Configurations/Bugs and features that should be implemented for Live Server


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  1. Кириллица

    Translation: В чат вы можете писать на кириллице
  2. Sneak Peek of Summoning NPC

    They are very dangerous! Be careful!
  3. Пвп объявв

    Здравствуйте. Пока нет, но можете внести Вашу идею в предложения
  4. Tricks

    Good luck
  5. Donations

    Any time
  6. Donations

    Hello. You can find GM Shop in control panel http://account.iplay.gg/cabinet You can buy credits for PayPal. 1$=10 Credits.
  7. [LeftSide] CP

    Welcome! Leave your Skype in topic to make it easier for other players to contact You
  8. Language

    Our client supports English and Russian letters. We have some Russian players, but not a lot. How can we forbid them to communicate in a language that is native to them? According to the statistics, most players are English-speaking, so you have no reasons to be worried.
  9. ОБТ

    ОБТ до 27 числа. Не могу обещать бонусы, но если вдруг обнаружите недоработку - то в долгу не останемся
  10. EU cp

    Welcome! Good luck witg finding!
  11. ОБТ

    В 19:00 МСК
  12. Приятно познакомиться
  13. ОБТ x30 - 20.02.2018

    Сегодня мы запустим ОБТ сервер для всех игроков. Патч и клиент уже доступны для скачивания: Патч Google Drive :"https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ez_1UNhMCmJmumM2n5gXInZMRQXFi6uz" Mega : "https://mega.nz/#!0MZiiDzK!6AsYbWggY1cX9Eswo53nmlbGHmUU5Z9IdiWpQ6ORWtg" Клиент Torrent: " https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-22iF04wtLKuVuOxWghj11_CsLkCy0td " Mirror : " https://mega.nz/#!8BRXAbaJ!Xr7L9OLHAT5L86kVEJcLGcRutl_taMcw_7ebX0QlmGY " Сервер будет доступен для тестирования конфигурации до 27 февраля. Запуск ОБТ в 17:00 GMT +1 (Дания).
  14. Questions from new players

    Hello. Server time zone is GMT +0. We didn't decide time yet.