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Lineage II High Five - 16 April 2018

Thorus x10 is High Five PTS server, that has multi functional community board, scheme buffer, free class changes - on top of that we provide you original gameplay without any customs. We do not pay to anyone to play here, neither we do not have any donation stores - other than Premium Status. This Lineage 2 world is built to last without any wipes or "Seasons". Grand Opening shall take place on 16th of April - 18:00 +1 GMT.

1. High Five Client 2. Game Account 3. Download Patch
  • Community Board has been finalised (12.03.2018)
  • Server can be accessed for testing purpouses (03.03.2018)
  • Premium Account is only donation listing (10.03.2018)
  • Grand Opening of Thorus World is 16 April 2018
  • Use our updater to connect our server (12.03.2018)
  • We are expecting to have 1500+ Live Online (12.03.2018)
  • Thorus is Lineage 2 High Five OFF platform (01.03.2018)

Thorus English Section


  1. General Discussion

    Everything related to x10 Thorus World

  2. Recruitment

    Form your Constant Parties here

  3. Flooding

    Free to talk zone, Spam, Flood, Flame, Share.